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Department of Interior ~ The Uninvited Guest

“Annexation” Scene from Noho Hewa

This is a link to a scene from “Noho Hewa.” It speaks to the confusion over annexation and makes the case for Hawaii as an independent, occupied nation state on par with all other nation states, despite 120 years of the uninvited presence of Americans who have settled on top of us. 

I’ve also attached PDFs of a 5-part series I wrote A DECADE AGO. Like “Noho Hewa,” the article is fresh– it reads like it was written recently. The relevance of these things is due to the fact that nothing has changed in a good way for Hawaiians. In countless ways, things have only become worse. Hawaii is being swallowed up, and in some very important, visible and trackable ways, Hawaiian resistance has diminished. And that’s in the wake of 40 years of education and over a decade of a very public discourse about our rights to independence.

If the DOI, the formal representative of President Obama, is able to have its dog and pony show, able to get away with making Hawaiians believe they are being heard, when really they are being herded, then the selling off of our Crown and Government lands, aka the ceded lands, is not far off.

Indian Country Today-The Alaska-Hawaii connection (Part One)

The Alaska-Hawaii Connection Pt 2

The Alaska – Hawaii connection- Pt.3 |

The Alaska – Hawaii connection -Pt. 4

The Alaska – Hawaii connection-pt 5

MAHALO NUI to Seeti and Guy for the catch and release kokua!!!

Find the mana’o of our kupuna ~ Ku’e Petitions ~ PDF

This link is now showing up on FB pages and blogs (ku’e petition). 

I include it here, along with one of the pages that has signatures from my ohana– my grandfather and my grandmother’s side are on this page.

The Ku’e petition is Hawaiian political genealogy.  It’s linked here in case people coming to this site are interested in the ORIGINAL unified protest/activism of Kanaka Oiwi. 


Find the mana’o of your kupuna.