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Indigenous rights in Guam

Guam Legislation Would Support Indigenous Rights, Oppose Military Build-up

Vice Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz introduced Resolution 420-30 (LS) to support the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Ōiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal– vol 4, Kupaa Makou ma hope o ka Aina

The new Oiwi Journal is available now!  Go to for information.  My essay, “The Virtual Hawaiian,” is included, along with the work of about sixty other Hawaiian artists, writers and poets.  The theme of volume 4 is sovereignty.

Royal Caribbean takes over Falmouth, Jamaica

Esther Figueroa, Producer/Director of Jamaica For Sale (, has an important short film on YouTube about a new Falmouth cruise ship development in Jamaica.  Owned by Royal Caribbean, paid for by the heavily indebted Jamaican government (it’s like the Super Ferry debacle times a thousand), the project is death for the environment and small businesses.  Why is it that wherever the tropical paradise fantasy of tourists is accommodated, the land and sea is decimated and the people who depend on that land and sea for survival are being erased?